2/9/2012 - The technical issues that required returning to the use of POs starting with an "M" have been resolved. With a small number of exceptions, all future POs will start with a "4".

POs are currently sorted in such a manner that the "M" POs will appear at the beginning of the list. POs starting with a "4" will appear further down the list; if you have trouble locating them please check near the end of the list.

****Important Change to Account**** Effective 11/9/11 the accounts payable Bill To Address for Allegro Medical should reflect the following:

Scrip Companies
c/o Allegro Medical
360 Veterans Pkwy., Suite 115
Bolingbrook, IL 60440

Please continue to display AllegroMedical.com on your packing slips.

Effective 6/1/08 we will begin our paperless invoicing system. Supplier partners not currently using the previously “Optional” Invoice Number field when completing an order will be required to do so. The invoice number provided will be printed on supplier payments. Without an invoice number we will be unable to provide payment.

Additionally, price discrepancies will cause payment delays. Please ensure we have current and accurate pricing. Our Product Managers are available to work with you regarding updated pricing feeds and automated feed/pricing updates.

Please offer any suggestions or improvements to the Supplier Site that will help improve, Purchase Order submission, Tracking, Invoicing, Product Pricing, Product Additions, Product Updates, etc..

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Allegro Pricing Policy - Important Reminder

Purchase orders are contracts. By fulfilling an Allegro purchase order you agree to ship the product(s) at the price, quantity and UOM as indicated.

Any deviation from our purchase order must be approved by Product Management prior to shipment. Allegro Medical will not pay for any unapproved deviations.

If you have any questions regarding order fulfillment or would like to update product information please contact Product Management:

Phone: (480) 505-0638
Fax: (813) 356-0991
Email: PM@AllegroMedical.com


Shipping Guidelines

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